Zegna Tuxedo

The Zegna tuxedo mimicks the Zegna suit in style and class. It is classified as a high quality luxury item with a high quality price tag.

This tuxedo is made from the finest wools found in Italy. Expect to find wools spun around the super 180's or above on all of its models.

Styles include notched lapels, pleats, double pleats, and an assortment of differnet vent styles to choose from. Colors can be found in traditional black and gray pinstripes as well as more outlandish models with purple lapels and fierce satin stripes extending down the pant legs.

Retail prices are usually well over $2,000.00 for the pants and jacket alone. However, you can usually find a nice Zegna tux for around $1,000.00 as long as you do your homework and shop around a little.

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