Womens Tuxedo

"Style is the essence of fashion."

The womens tuxedo is similar to the mens tuxedo in many ways. Materials used consist of the usual polyester, silk, satin, and wool. As always the ladies will have to make sure to match up the proper accessories like shirts, shoes, bowties, belts, cufflinks, and studs.

Main differences between these tuxedos are the styles that are used and the differences in tailoring. Measurements will be taken at both the bust and the waist and usually range from 30 - 50 inches and 24 - 47 inches respectively.

Places you may find a women wearing a tux are the prom, a fashion ball, an award ceremony, and any other fashion forward event. Sometimes women will wear an ascot or scarf rather than a bowtie, but don't be mistaken it is still a womens tux.

Women can also mix things up with the tuxedo. The shirt can be worn with a skirt, and the jacket can be worn with jeans. The possibilities with this type of tuxedo are endless.

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Womens Tuxedo Shirts

Womens Tuxedo Pants

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