Womens Tuxedo Shirts

Womens tuxedo shirts are cut differently than mens and are usually made from different materials as well. For this reason the women's tuxedo shirt along with its pants need to have separate pages devoted to them.

Materials can be made from the tradional cotton, polyester, and even linen fabrics you might find in a mans tuxedo shirt. However, many times you will find them in fabrics with nylon, rayon, and even spandex. These materials give women a better fitting garment and provide for a more attractive look than the average cotton shirt you might find on a man.

The style of the shirt is also different than what you might find on a man. For instance the cut has to be much different to accomodate for a womans less android like features.

The only real similarity between a mans tuxedo shirt and a womans besides the name on this shirt, is the price. Expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $60 for an average shirt.

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