Where's the glitz and glamor?

It seems like the world has become less and less formal, which in a way is a good thing. At the same time people, at least some, yearn for a bit of the sophistication of yesteryear. This accounts for the resurgence in retro styles.

Tuxedos are a vital part of any gentleman's wardrobe and it's best to buy the highest quality tux you can afford and then take good care of it. Yes, rentals are fine if you don't often need a tux but if you can afford a great tux it's a wortwhile investement.

At the top of range you can have a bespoke tux made to suit your body exactly. This is a luxury most of us cannot afford so if you can then I suggest you bless your lucky stars!

Lower down the scale you'll find a whole range of ready-to-wear tuxedos which can range from thousands of dollars to under $100 for the more cheap and cheerful varieties.

Once again, it's best to invest as much as you can in your tuxedo, especially if you'll use it often. There's no feeling like being in a great fitting suit, one that you wear well and look great in.

When it comes to the lapel you usually have a choice of peak, shawl and notch. Peak and shawl are more tradtional styles and notch is a bit more conservative or "safe". If you want to get the James Bond look then shawl is what you want to get. I'd suggest you get a peak or shawl if you can according to which suits your body best.

You can either get a single- or a double-breasted suit. Single works better for slimmer figures while double could work well for more staunch figures.

Remember that a few accesories will make a huge difference. You can add a nice bow tie, preferably self-tie and pocket square, a waistcoat or cummerband, some braces, cufflinks and if you really want to go out on the town even a nice top hat.

Good luck with your tuxedo hunting!

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