The Wedding Tuxedo

The wedding tuxedo is one of the most popular tuxedos to be worn in the United States and many other countries. This tuxedo usually consists of the cookie cutter models of the year which currently includes a tradional black tux with a vest in a color that matches the brides dress.

This look is ok but if your looking for a unique wedding tux you might think about changing some things up. For instance the groom does not have to wear the same color tuxedo as the groomsmen. Also he really doesn't have to wear a vest at all if he doesn't want to. The color of the tux does not have to be black and does not have to match the color of the brides dress.

This tuxedo can come in any type of style you would like as well. Tradition says that we should wear some type of two or three button notch lapel tux. However, you could wear a trench coat style tux or even a mandarin collar tuxedo if you would like.

Materials should always consist of fabrics that will leave everyone feeling calm, cool, and comfortable.

Prices will change dramatically based off of what type of tuxedo style and color you decide to go with.

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