The Used Tuxedo

Shopping for a used tuxedo can be the most sensible answer of all. Here are a few tips to help your search.

The occasions for wearing a classic tuxedo demand basic black, nine times out of ten. There are proponents of midnight blue, but only because it looks blacker than black under certain conditions.

The right choice is unlikely to go out of style for a long, long time. Use your own judgment about the differing lapel widths and buttons -- you'll know if somethings out of style -- but expect a silk strip down the side of the trousers.

The accessories like the tie, vest and cummerbund can and should be bought after you've found your tux.

Where to shop? The obvious, and perhaps best, answer is at a rental shop. Normally every rented tux is available for purchase. The price will be a trade-off between brand, age, style, and the amount of that garment's wear and tear, but as a rule of thumb you're looking at a price three times the rental cost.

Other possible sources include thrift shops, consignment shops, Craig's list, and Ebay. As always, the quality of merchandise there is going to be unpredictable, but you might just find a treasure. Of course you'll want to give any choice a thorough inspection before buying.

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