Tuxedo Ties

Tuxedo ties are the same as traditional suit neck ties. These ties come in and out of favor depending on how popular the bow tie is in that particular year. Many factors can change the popularity of the bow tie but it really is a matter of choice for the individual wearer.

The tuxedo necktie can be made from satin, silk, and polyester. Polyester should be avoided at all costs as it does not make a very attractive looking tie.

Colors should either blend in or augment the tuxedo jacket and pants. The tie can be matched up with the shirt and pocket square as well as the tux jacket. Many men and women make the mistake of wearing the tie much too high, you don't have to be one of them. Tie the necktie in a manner that leaves the tip of the tie resting at the top of the belt.

The style of the tie can range from solid colors, stripes, dots, and a large gamet of designs to choose from. Make sure you don't choose something that looks too gaudy for the event your attending. Black tie affairs should be attended only in subdued solid colors.

Prices for a new model can range anywhere from $10 to $80 depending on where you decide to buy your tie.

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