The Tuxedo T Shirt

The tuxedo T shirt is not something one would generally wear with an actual tuxedo. This garment is essentially a plain crew neck t shirt with a tuxedo jacket design on it. The shirt can be worn casually or to informal parties as a sort of mockery of the black tie affair.

Also some people opt to put their toddler in a tuxedo shirt during weddings rather than donning them in a full tuxedo. This can be a good alternative for the parent that does not want to be bothered with trying to keep their child from losing bowties and cufflinks.

The tux t shirt is usually found in black but can be found in a multitude of colors or can be specially ordered to have the exact look you are going for.

Cotton is the number one choice for material so make sure that you get one preshrunk or simply buy one size larger than you intend to wear and wash it before your first use.

Prices usually run between the $10 and $20 dollar range for this type of shirt.

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