Tuxedo Shirts

Tuxedo shirts come in mutltiple styles, colors and materials. This fact can make it hard for the inexperienced to buy this type of shirt.

Consider getting the best tuxedo shirt you can.

The three main types of shirts to consider are the wingtip, mandarin, and laydown collars. Mandarin collars are not really considered collars at all. This shirt basically has a rim at the top measuring from a quarter to a half inch in height. The wing tipcollar extends up about an inch before flaring down at the front. Laydown collars are similar to the type of shirt you would find with an everyday suit.

Materials usually consist of the normal everyday fabrics such as wool and cotton. However, you can find shirts in silk, cashmere, and a few synthetic variations. Areas to consider when choosing a material are its resistance to wrinkles, price, comfort, and breathability.

Colors vary dramatically and can be found in a wide array. The links below will give you a much better feel for which shirts are appropriate for each event.







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