Tuxedo Scarf

The tuxedo scarf serves two very important purposes for the man or woman in formal wear. Firstly this item keeps the wearer warm in less than favorable weather. The reason this is so important is because the person in a tuxedo cannot wear a hood or even a warm cap.

Secondly tuxedo scarves make a great fashion statement. They can be subdued or can be used as a unique focal point to add character to your formal wear fashion.

Styles vary through design, stitching, and even size. Make sure to wear a scarf in an appropriate width and length. Designs should be subtle or better still, a plain solid.

Colors can be light and vibrant or dark and forbidding. Try wearing a black tuxedo with a red scarf at your next social formal event.

Materials can be wool, polyester, satin, cashmere, and even cotton. Stay away from wool if you tend to become itchy around it. Your event will not be very fun if you are constantly scratching the back of your neck.

Prices - as always with accessories - will vary depending on what material, style, and designer you decide to go with.

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