Tuxedo Prices

Tuxedo prices will vary based off of many different factors. The biggest factor will be whether or not you are renting a tuxedo or buying a tuxedo. After this, the next biggest factor is the brand. An Armani or Burberry tuxedo will cost you much more than a tuxedo from the Men's Wearhouse.

A moderately priced tuxedo from Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein will cost you a few hundred dollars to purchase while the package price for its rental will cost you less. You'll probably find them at a cost of around one hundred dollars depending on where you live and what kind of store you are renting it from.

Less well known brands can be purchased for a price of under one hundred dollars online at places like Amazon and other online bargain stores. Many times rental places will charge you the same rental fees that you would pay for a more expensive tuxedo even though they are renting a tux to you that only cost a hundred dollars to purchase.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the tuxedos that cost thousands of dollars. These are from companies like Tom Ford, Brioni, and the host of tuxedos made from superior materials. You can also rent these tuxedos as well, but you will be paying much more to rent them.

If your looking into tuxedo prices to determine whether or not you should buy or rent, you may want to keep the rule of 3's in mind. This rule basically says that if you plan on wearing the tuxedo more than three times, it is probably a better idea to by one then rent one. You'll find that this is especially true if the cost of rental is high in your area. Many people make the mistake of constantly renting tuxedos when they could have bought one long ago that both fits and looks better on them.

Remember that when you rent a tuxedo, you will not be wearing a brand new tux. These tuxedos may have been worn for years. This means that if you buy a decent used tux off of Ebay or one of the other auction sites, you may actually end up paying less for the same thing.

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