Tuxedo Fabric

"Can I feel your material?"

Tuxedo fabric comes in many different forms to choose from. Wool, satin, silk, polyester, and velvet are just some of the materials you can drape yourself in.

There are various factors to consider while buying a tux. Many people rely on the referrals of friends and family members. This is not a bad suggestion and even Thomas Jefferson has been quoted as saying "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

However, you should also keep in mind that the tuxedo material your tux is made from is a bit different than the style and cut of the tux. For instance, you could have a wool tuxedo and a polyester tuxedo that both have the exact same cut and design to them. These tuxedos will look very similar, but will feel much different. Also both will have their advantages and disadvantages.

You'll also find that asking a tailor for a material recommendation can be useful. Just keep in mind that some materials are more expensive than others and somebody selling these to you may not have your best interest at hear. For instance, silk is very expensive but is not a great recommendation for someone that will be wearing their tuxedo in very cold weather.

Feel free to visit a few tuxedo shops to try on various tuxedos made from different cloth. Just be sure to keep in mind that the stores weather conditions may not be the same as the weather conditions you will be wearing your tuxedo in. You'll find that although a thick wool tuxedo feels great in an air conditioned store, it may not feel all that great outdoors in summer weather.

If most of your functions are held indoors than feel free to choose a light material. This means that you don't need to wear a heavy tuxedo fabric because you need to be comfortable in warm conditions. Choosing a lightweight fabric in this instance will keep you cool and smiling.

Be sure to read up on the different types of tuxedo cloth below. This will help you plan out which tux fabrics to try on and which ones to avoid altogether.

Check out the various fabrics below for a better idea of what each materail brings to the table.

The Wool Tuxedo

When choosing a wool tuxedo you may need to check some of the upscale catalogues of your local fabric stores. You may need a piece of your chosen material to take to the tailor. Another option would be to just buy a ready made tux in the wool fabric of your choice. Keep in mind that sometimes its necessary to mix multiple fabrics together to get an optimum feel.

Using the guidelines on the catalogue you purchased, choose either the style suits for men or women or maybe you can blend because it works well for men. Sometimes it depends on the change of seasons. Mostly a wool tux can be worn during cold weather hence it wouldn't be comfortable for you to wear it during hot or summer weather. This is because you need to be comfortable.

You should also avoid buying a low grade wool. This can be determined by the spin that is used on the wool. Wool is usually spun somewhere between 90 and 200, the higher the number the better the quality.

Advantages - durable, warm, wrinkles less than cotton or linen materials

Disadvatages - heavy, wrinkles more than polyester, silk, or satin

The Satin Tuxedo

The satin tuxedo is a type of fabric which is pure like silk and frequently used in evening functions and bridal wear. It also comes in gorgeous colours. The only problem with this type of tux is the high probability of receiving a stain.

Most people would take the tux for dry cleaning but it's very possible for one to remove the stain at home without going to the dry cleaner. First you should identify where the stain is and what it is, and remember never to use bleaching agents.

For example if the stain was of blood, immerse the stained part immediately in water and allow to soak then your stain shall be removed. If this does not work then you can go ahead and apply the stain remover. This type of tux is hand washed because of its simple material. But it's not all satin that can be washed so in that case polyester and nylon can be washed using a washing machine. Also when washing you should always use cool or warm water on this type of tux.

The Silk Tuxedo

A silk tuxedo is made of one of the smoothest materials on the market. This tux is known for its pure softness and beauty which beholds the luxurious look. This is said to be one of the higher fabrics which gives you comfort and suits all types of weather. The material has the ability to keep ones body cool in summer and warm in the summer. Another selling point is that it's considered to be one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world.

To look back silk was discovered in the early ages of 2640 B.C in China. In this age the market for silk has grown and it now holds 50% of the worlds fabric production. The major countries known to produce silk in high quantities are said to be China, Japan, and India.

This tux is created with different textures according to the occasion or where it will best suit. In summer there are different types of textures that can be worn in warm weather.

We can now look at different types of material textures used to make this type of tuxedo namely Tulle, Velvet, Damask, Chenille, Taffeta, Broadcloth, Organza fabric and Faille fabric. All these you can use to make a good and comfortable tux in the desired color of the fabric.

The Polyester Tuxedo

A polyester tuxedo is known for its smooth feel and wrinkle resistant nature. It is also one of the most economical materials you can find.

Polyester is made of polymers in form of fibers that were used back in time in the years of 1970's and made that wonderful disco clothing. These days nations in the world have strengthened the use of this fabric to develop more taste.

Polyester Attributes

There are two ways to make this fabric, namely saturated and unsaturated. The saturated type refers to the family of polyesters in which the backbone is saturated thus why they are not as reactive as unsaturated. And in unsaturated polyesters, the material consists of alkyl and resins.

This tux is created with different textures according to the occasion or where it will best suit. And if you need to buy a shirt for a this tux you should go for the best matching color with a suitable style.

A great recommendation is to choose a shirt that is wing - tip which most people consider it as a classic shirt or a less expensive fabric might be chosen.

The Velvet Tuxedo

The velvet tuxedo is a very unique fabric made of various fibers woven together where it is known for its luxurious feel. Many people choose this material over a traditional wool because of the increased comfort levels.

This tux is created with different textures hence it advisable for you to hang it rather than fold it as it wrinkles faster and cannot be ironed.

When buying this type of tux it's important that you consider the prices and go for the best fabric you can find. You can either go for a dark color which is easier to clean and can be worn with a white shirt to break the monotony of the black color.

Most people prefer to wear white velvet colors rather than black because when it is hot its unbearable to control the amount of heat circulating through your body. Consider this type of fabric for indoor occasions and events where the climate will be controlled artificially.

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