Tuxedo Accessories

"Accessorize It."

Tuxedo accessories are always needed when a tuxedo is worn. Items like cuff links, vests, shirts, studs, bow ties, and shoes are a must. Other accessories like suspenders, scarves, and canes are pleasing to have but can be purchased later.

Accessories should always match not only the jacket and pants, but the event as well. For instance a black top hat might look great with your black tux, however you should not wear that in a wedding party if the rest of the groomsmen are not wearing them.

Follow the links below for a better look at the various accessories.

Ruffled tuxedo shirt

Tuxedo t shirt

Tuxedo Vest


Bow Ties

How to tie a bow tie

Tuxedo Ties

Tuxedo Suspenders

Tuxedo Cuff Links

Tuxedo Stud

Tuxedo Scarf

Tuxedo Tails

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