Tommy Hilfiger Tuxedo

The Tommy Hilfiger tuxedo has moved from humble beginnings in New York to a nation wide fashion piece. In addition to the tuxedo Hilfiger designs suits, athletic apparel, and an entire lifestyle line for both men and women.

Getting back to the Tommy Hilfiger tux, you will find that the styles used have a youthful look to them which makes this tuxedo popular for young people attending proms, weddings, and event shows.

Lapels on newer models seem to be wider than you would normally expect from a less contemporary designers like Tommy Hilfiger. These lapels can be notched or peaked and pants are either pleated or flat fronted.

Colors come in the form of black, white, gray, blue, and even brown.

Materials tend to be medium quality wool and lean more towards durability rather than comfort.

Expect to pay around $200 for this type of tuxedo. Some great places to look for Tommy Hilfiger packages are the online auction sites like Amazon and Ebay.

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