Tom Ford Tuxedo

The Tom Ford tuxedo has become one of the must have tuxedos for all James Bond fans. This company made the clothing worn by Daniel Craig in the movie Quantum of Solace. Traditionally Bond has been dressed in Brioni, Saville Row, and a very small number of discreet tailors.

The Tom Ford tux is hand tailored with some of the finest fabrics in the world. All suits and tuxedos are custom made bespoke models created for high end customers willing to drop a several thousand dollars on their wardrobes.

Colors and styles come in any form a customer would like, but are generally purchased in classic colors that can be worn to all occasions and events one might attend.

This tuxedo really is one of the most elite garments a person could ever purchase. If your looking to buy this tuxedo expect to pay a premium price for it even at your local pawn shop or estate sale.

Places such as Ebay and a few other large auction houses may have what your looking for with just a few alterations so check around if you want a bargain.

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