The Purple Tuxedo

The Purple Tuxedo comes complete with a ruffled shirt, jacket, bow tie, pants cummerbund, hat, a pair of purple shoes and a purple cane. Imagine yourself in this elegant outfit looking like a pimp from out of the 1970s.

This tux can usually be purchased generically for less than 300 dollars. If you prefer you could also rent the tux for less than a third of the price. Individual pieces such as hats, shirts, shoes, and bowties can be bought separately or in a package deal. The purple tux can be worn with purple, white, and even black tuxedo shirts. Also black shoes and black hat do a great job augmenting your already unique look.

The purple tux is usually worn to proms and even Halloween parties, but that does not mean that they cannot be great suits to be worn as formal outfits, in dinners and any other major event. The purple tux is quite a stylish outfit to wear for a fancy party. With its purple color, it helps you to stand out of the crowd.

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