Prom Tuxedos

For many men prom tuxedos are the first tuxedos that they will wear. These tuxedos can range anywhere from traditional to outrageous.

The first thing a student should do is decide on a budget for your tux rental. I say rental because invariably this tuxedo will never be worn by you again so their really is no reason to go and buy a tuxedo for this event.

Once you have your budget in hand it is time to decide on what style and look you would like to go for. The traditional look will leave you in a black prom tux with notched lapels.

However, if you are trying to make a statement you could go with a flashy color such as white, or purple, or even orange. If you would like to make a statement in black, you could always go with a mandarin collar or a trench coat style jacket.

For more information on rentals and styles you should check out the tuxedo rental sections and tuxedo style sections.

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