The Pink Tuxedo

The pink tuxedo is a great tux to wear to avoid the monotony of wearing black tuxedos. With the mention of pink, the first thought that comes to people’s minds is feminine.

Over the years, men have avoided any color concerning pink in their wardrobes claiming it is a lady’s color. The thought of having a pink tux let alone a pink shirt is quite disturbing for men, but think about it, the world has revolved and pink is creeping into men’s wardrobes day by day. And of late men have had a change of heart and a change of mind as they are accepting pink into their lives. The pink tux is elegant, and quite stylish. It can be worn in very many different events such as proms.

This tux can come with a ruffled shirt, jacket, pants, bow tie, cummerbund, and a hat and if one would like it, there is a stick. With this tux you can pull of the devil may care attitude you've been looking for. One can either rent or buy and with one of these, one can make an event the most memorable days of their life. This tux is great for proms, bachelor parties, crashing weddings and many other wild occasions. Expect to find price ranges from 160 dollars to about 250 dollars for generics.

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