Pet Tuxedo

The pet tuxedo is useful for including your pet in your formal event or party. Dogs can make great ring bearers and outfitted in a nice tux the dog will look amazingly cute or handsome as the case may be.

This tux can also be used as everyday wear inside your house. What better way to make your dog or cat look more civilized than to put him/her in a fantastic looking tuxedo suit.

Some questions to ponder before purchasing a tux for your pet are:

Will my pet be allergic to the material?

How often will I have my pet in its new tux?

Will my pet behave during my important event?

Will my pet be able to keep the tux on or will it tear it off constantly?

Learn more about the cat tuxedo and the dog tuxedo below.

The dog tuxedo is one of the most popular pet tuxedos in the world. This tux is put on man's best friend for events such as weddings, relaxed award ceremonies, costume parties, and many other fun yet formal black tie events. There have even been stories of a highschool prom chaperone bringing his dog to the prom in a full dog tux.

Materials for this tuxedo usually come in washable itch free fabrics to keep your dog from ripping it off right away. Be sure to make sure your dog does not have any allergies before placing any material on him or her.

Styles range from full blown packages with matching bow ties and top hats to smaller clip on tuxedos that only cover the top side of the dog.

Colors can easily be found in black and white. However, more unique shades can be harder to come by and may be a bit more expensive.

These tuxedos usually cost somewhere between $20 and $40 depending on the size, material, color, and style.

The cat tuxedo has become very popular for weddings. People love their cats and love having them around as part of the family. If you're thinking about dressing up your cat for a wedding, just go ahead and do it.

People will love the fact that you have dressed your cat up in a tuxedo. Your cat may even end up being the next Youtube sensation.

Finding these tuxedos is not very hard to do. You'll find many websites selling this kind of tuxedo and the cost is very little. For less than 50 dollars you can dress your cat up in a full cat tux for your wedding or anything else you might want to dress your cat up for.

If you think that you may not be able to get your cat to let you put the tuxedo on, you can always opt for the bow tie collar. While this is a lot more subtle, it will also be a lot easier on your cat. The collar will fit just like a typical collar, but will allow your cat to look like it is dressed up for the occasion.

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