Perry Ellis Tuxedo

The Perry Ellis tuxedo is a direct result of Perry Ellis deciding to take on menswear back in the 1980's. His creations are known to be modern, unique, and 100% American in style.

The current Perry Ellis tux can be found in a wide array of different models. Some of these models include the Republic, Groove, Halo, El Cinco, and Marseille. These models range anywhere from two buttons to five buttons, which is quite uncommon even by today's fashion forward world.

Colors come in classic black and white but also in colors such as diamond and ivory as well. Look to find a whole slew of new colors come out over the next few years.

Materials come in wool with satin trim and silk lining for maximum comfort. Expect mid range quality wool that is both comfortable and price friendly.

Prices on a Perry Ellis tux usually start in the neighborhood of three to five hundered dollars a piece.

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