The Oscar De La Renta Tuxedo

The Oscar De La Renta tuxedo is an American creation that has been around since the 60's. This tux is known for its high quality materials and designer styling.

Current styles consist of the Duet II, Magic, Rio, Royal, Trilogy II, Trilogy III, Trilogy IV, Silver Cloud II, Silver Cloud III, and the Stafford.

The Duet II is a two button, peak lapel tux with slit pockets. The Magic is a three button notch lapel tuxedo with more of a contemporary look to it. Rio models have one button jackets with larger than life oversized notched lapels.

The Royal is a two button shawl lapel tuxedo that gives off a nice relaxed contemporary look.

The trilogy models are all urban and have notched lapels with the only difference in models coming in the form of two, three, and four button jackets.

The Silver clouds are notched and peaked respectively and have a youthful look to them while the Stafford puts off a more formal air.

Colors are limited to black, white, and varying shades of these such as grey and ivory.

Materials are always of high quality wool and are usually more durable than your everyday tuxedo.

Prices vary but expect retail to be at a minimum of $350 for a new Oscar De La Renta tux.

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