Notch Lapel Tuxedo

A Notch lapel tuxedo is named so because of the way the tuxedo's collar and lapel align with each other at an angle. The look that is created is the same that you would see on your everyday business suit.

This look is more formal than a shawl lapel tuxedo, but less formal than the peak lapel tuxedo. Personally I prefer the peaked lapel over the notched lapel tuxedo. I feel that if you want to go with a notched lapel, you might as well just wear a suit.

However, I would certainly choose a notched model over a shawl lapel tuxedo. The notched will at least provide some sort of formality.

Some people like this type of tuxedo over the peaked because they feel the peaked lapel makes the tuxedo look old fashioned and more like a costume than black tie apparel. Either way, you generally won't be called out on wearing either a notched lapel or a peaked lapel.

When you are buying a tuxedo for a wedding or something else that is very formal, I would stick with the peaked lapel. If you intend on wearing a tuxedo for something a bit less formal like a party or a get together, feel free to go with a notched or peaked model. When in doubt, try all three out and decide which one you feel looks best on you.

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