John Varvatos Tuxedo

The John Varvatos tuxedo was first launched at the start of the Varvatos company in the year 2000. This company has now expanded from formal wear to an entire lifestyle line consisting of sportswear, leisure clothing, and even fragrances.

The John Varvatos tux along with the rest of its lineup is considered to have a more youthful appearance with innovative designs catered towards a younger crowd. This is expressed with less formal looking tailored clothing.

Styles come in the form of two and three button jackets with notched, peak, and shawl lapels. Pants are dominated by flat fronted models but can also be found in more gaudy pleated styles as well.

Prices run upwards of $1,000 at full retail but can usually be found for about half this price. Retail stores to look for this suit are the free standing John Varvatos shops and upper echelon stores like Nordstrom. However, if your looking for a deal you can always check out Ebay first.

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