Jean Yves Tuxedo

The Jean Yves tuxedo is a great tux for the man looking for a tuxedo with a powerful name, creative designs, and durable materials.

Jean Yves tux styles come in the form of the Allure, Belfort, Conte, Diamont, Etienne, Mirage, Parisian, Renaissance, and the Revel.

Allure models are made up of worsted wool with satin lapels. They come in both pleated pant models and flat front pant models, and have notch lapels.

The Belfort model is also 100% worsted wool with satin stripes down the pants and satin lapels. Lapels are peaked and sleeves are in barrel form.

Conte tuxedos have one button notched jackets with ventless backs. Pants come in the double pleated and single pleated models.

The Diamont tux is a three button notched lapel tuxedo with besom pockets. The pants come in multiple styles to choose from.

Etienne tuxedos are made up of quickly spun super 100 wool. The jacket has a notched lapel and two buttons going down it. Pants are double pleated and lined down to the knee.

The Mirage has mandarin collars and is completely button less. This jacket is sleek and modern with flat pockets on the sides.

Parian models are ventless, wool, and fully lined. The jacket has two buttons and high sitting broad based lapels.

The Renaissance tux has a one button jacket with broad shawl lapels that extend down in a classic manor.

Revel models have four buttons and notched lapels. This Jean Yves tux is the most modern looking of all the designers current models.

Prices range from $250 to $350 for a brand new model.

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