Isaia Tuxedo

The Isaia tuxedo is an Italian creation built for luxury and relaxed style. This tuxedo is well known for its high quality materials and masterful stitching.

Styles are conservative and classic. Notched and peak lapels, single pleats, flat fronts, and two and three button models are all standard each year.

Materials vary from model to model and can be found in velvet, wool, satin, cotton, silk, and cashmere. All fabrics are luxury in nature and are better off for special occasions rather than the work environment.

Colors range from white to black and anything and everything in between. If your looking for something unique to wear, look into a burgandy Isaia tux.

Prices can be high at retail and can run all the way up to $3,000. However, with some careful bargain hunting you should be able to find a new model for around $1,500.

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