The Infant Tuxedo

The infant tuxedo can be found in a multitude of sizes for your little guy or girl. Most popular amoung the infant tux colors is the black tuxedo with cute matching black bowtie and white dress shirt. You can get an entire package with all matching accessories at once so you do not have to search for each one individually.

This tuxedo can be found in washable materials and is great to save even after your event as a hand me down to future tiny tuxedo wearers. Imagine having all of your little ones dressed up in tuxedos for all of your friends and family members special events.

Purchase this type of tux for weddings, formal balls, elegant parties, and black tie affairs. Expect to pay less than $40 for a baby tuxedo in most sizes and materials in black. The price may be more for some of the harder to find colors.

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