Gucci Tuxedo

The Gucci tuxedo has been around for quite some time now, making it a household name for both men and women. This company started out in the 1920's making handbags but quickly moved onto formal wear.

Wearing a Gucci tux is a great way to make an elegant statement. This tuxedo has the class and refinement that comes with decades of experience and yet has an almost surreal youthful look to it. Models can be found in one, two, three, and four buttons and in a wide array of lapel choices. Pants can be found in flat front versions and pleated models with women having the option of a skirt instead of pants.

Materials come in the form of fine wools and silks with the occasional satin lapel. Evaluating the fabrics in close detail will tell you that this tuxedo is most certainly a luxury tuxedo.

Colors on the runway this year were the usual blacks and blues with a nice refined gray skirt suit making quite a scene.

Prices usually come in at well over $1,000.00 for an off the rack tux at retail price.

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