Green Tuxedo

The Green Tuxedo is a great outfit to demonstrate your Irish streak and become the envy of everyone at your party or formal event. It is a great suit to be worn on St. Patrick's Day. Its also is quite affordable and can be found in a generic model for about 220 dollars. One can also rent it at a cost of about 125 dollars per package.

The green tux is accompanied by the usual accessories, like the tuxedo shirt, bowtie, and vest. This tuxedo can match well with a white shirt and white and green striped tie. This piece should also be paired with stylish green socks. The individual items of the green tux can be bought separately but it is much cheaper to buy them as one set.

The color of this tux provides a nice neutral background for almost any skin color which makes it a great buy for everyone. Look for something that is bright enough not to be mistaken for another color but dark enough not to appear neon green.

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