The Gray Tuxedo

The gray tuxedo has fallen from favor compared to the black tuxedo and the midnight blue tuxedo. However, there are still a few variations that can be visually pleasing.

Most working class men choose the gray tux, for they are quite good in formal wear. These tuxedos come in different shades of gray. There is the light gray, the dark gray, and the charcoal gray. In the light gray category, there is the vest gray full back eternity. This tuxedo’s vest is a gray full back vest with six buttons and two pockets. It is quite stylish if worn with a tie of the same shade as the vest. There is also the Covona men’s silver gray which has a Covona Brand dress vest and bow tie with matching handkerchief. There is also the Covona Brand dress vest and necktie with a matching handkerchief too.

This tuxedo also comes with the tie gray pre-tied neck tie in polyester. Also available are the individual items of the gray tux such as the bow ties, the vest, jacket, trousers and shoes. The bowties range from 5 dollars to 10 dollars. Also available in stores is a neck tie whose price ranges from 5 dollars to 30 dollars depending on the type of cloth used to make it, the silk ones being the highly priced ones. The vests price ranges from 30 dollars to 40 dollars and most come with a bow tie.

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