Gold Tuxedo

The Gold Tuxedo is a stylish outfit if won in a major event especially by the master of ceremony. This tux is stylish and is great in conveying wealth, power and confidence. Great places to wear this are events such as proms, dinners and fancy parties.

A large number of matching vests are available in different stores world wide. One example is the package for men that comes in a gold color tie dress vest neck tie set. It is designed from Italy and the neck tie and the vest are made from the same material and are of the same color for a perfect match. Something like this can be found for at little as 25 dollars.

Another one is the Moda Tuxedo vest Antique gold full back geo vest. This vest has six buttons and two real pockets. It has an adjustable strap on the back that is hidden and has a black lining. This one goes for only 30 dollars.

Also, another one of the vests available is the men's metallic vest that has a black collar a black bow tie and a vest with small stripes of shades of black and has an adjustable back but no pockets. It is quite stylish and is available for only 30 dollars.

Also available for the Gold Tuxedo is the Moda Tuxedo vests antique gold. This is full back polyester satin vest with a neck tie of the same color as the vest. The vest is high quality lapel satin with satin buttons. It has two real pockets. This one is available for about 32.99 dollars.

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