The Fubu Tuxedo

The Fubu tuxedo is a long way off from the original business model of the company which started out making hats. However, Fubu has done a great job expanding into the formal wear arena.

This tuxedo has a gritty urban style reminiscent of the modern stylings of Kenneth Cole suits and other progressive brands of formal wear. The fubu tux can be found in two, three, and even four button models in a wide array of design types. Look for solids and pinstripes with large chalk stripe sizes in their Shadow Stripe models.

Materials can consist of the usual wool and satin combinations or the more wrinkle resistant polyester/wool blends.

Color schemes range broadly and go from black to white with any color you can think of in between the two.

Prices vary from store to store but expect to pay in the neighborhood of about $300 for a brand new tux.

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