Dolce Gabbana Tuxedo

The Dolce Gabbana tuxedo is great for both men and women and can be seen in fashion shows world wide. This pair of designers has approached formal wear with a youthful almost flamboyant demeanor. You'll find that once you've seen D and C in action you'll recognize them anywhere.

Expect to find these tuxedo jackets in anywhere from one to six button models with lapels as basic as notched to as bold as the lapel-less mandarin collar style. Flat front and pleat pant models can both be found.

Fabrics used are traditional wools and silks along with wrinkle free models using polyester and spandex.

Retail stores such as Nieman Marcus carry this tuxedo at a retail price of over two thousand dollars. However, you can always check out places like shopzilla or ebay for a superior deal.

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