Custom Tuxedo

The custom tuxedo is a tuxedo that you, the buyer, create from a series of multiple choices. Consumers can choose from different styles, fabrics, and colors.

Some styles to choose from include the: shawl lapel tuxedo, mandarin collar tuxedo, notched lapel tuxedo, double breasted tuxedo, two button tuxedo, three button tuxedo, four button tuxedo, five button tuxedo, and even the six button tuxedo.

Generic colors to choose from consist of black, grey, and midnight blue. However, you can wear anything from bright orange to neon green.

Materials can come from fabrics of polyester, cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, and many other synthetic materials.

Make sure that the person creating your custom tux knows how to properly take measurements to ensure that the tuxedo fits you correctly. Also make sure to choose colors that match your skin shade and materials that match your personal preference.

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