The Cummerbund

The cummerbund is the vintage equivalent of the modern day vest. This garment is essentially a sash that goes around the waist and really helps to show off a thin and fit waist line. The tux cummerbund also does a great job transistioning the tux shirt and the tuxedo pants in a seamless fashion.

Today most people choose the vest over the cummerbund. However, if you would like to wear the cummerbund over the vest anyway keep reading and I will provide you with some tips.

The first detail you should look at is the width of the cummerbund. Always make sure that the width is atleast 4 to 5 inches or your cummerbund will look more like a belt than a sash.

Colors should be subdued and should blend well with the tux. Use the bowtie or cufflinks for focal points if you must but never use the cummerbund.

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