The Corneliani Tuxedo

The Corneliani tuxedo is rarely purchased by the casual dresser. The reason for this is because of its luxury materials, fine stitching, and above average price point.

Materials come from some of the finest fabric mills in Italy and are stitched with the kind of care you will not find in your everyday department store. Expect to find high quality wools and silks in each tux.

When you are in a Corneliani tux people tend to notice that you are not wearing your average tux. However, this is due to the way the tuxedo is constructed rather than due to any sort of outlandish style.

Colors can be found in your typical blacks, grays, blue, and browns, as well as some more unique shades.

It is not impossible to find a rental shop with this brand, but it is not an easy feat either. You will find that most people wearing this tuxedo are the proud owners.

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