Christian Dior Tuxedo

The Christian Dior tuxedo is one of France's most venerable tuxedo to date. Dior was known for his innovative fashions appealing to men and women with naturally beautiful figures. This designer liberated men and women alike of the bulky garments of previous generations.

Style tends to be slim fit designs centered around trim waists and gently sloping shoulders. Jackets come in a wide variety of collar styles including shawl lapels, peaked lapels, notched lapels, and even the more rare mandarrin collar devoid of any sort of lapel. Pants come mostly in flat fronted models in an effort to keep with the less conservative less bulky styles of the jackets.

Materials consist of lightweight fabrics best suited for temperature controlled climates.

The price of a Christian Dior tux will usually start at retail prices well over $1,000.00. Check below to see what kind of deals you can find at ebay - you might just get lucky.

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