Canali Tuxedo

The Canali tuxedo is an Italian classic known for its luxury materials and hand stitched tailoring. This company strikes a perfect balance between unique designs and superb comfort and fit.

Styles come in the form of hand sewn jackets and pants that provide the detail you'd expect from hand tailoring. Models come in a wide range each year and can come in many forms. You'll find from one to three button jackets with your choice of peaked, notched, and shawl lapel collars. Pants are generally pleated but come in flat fronted models as well.

Materials generally come in pure wool or some sort of high quality wool blend. Durability is strong for a luxury material but not recommended for everyday wear.

Colors come in burgandy, white, black, midnight blue, gray, brown, and a multitude of other shades.

The price of a Canali tux can be upwards of $1,6000.00 retail but can be found for much less on online auction stores like ebay.

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