Calvin Klein Tuxedo

The Calvin Klein tuxedo is available in pure woolen material. This tux is noteworthy for its sleek lines and sumptuous super 110’s pure wool cloth that makes fine formal wear to be fine.

Why is the Calvin Klein tux so superb? First the cut is classic 2-button notch lapel, with a flap pocket and no vent jacket. This will definitely be in style until you are tired of looking at it.

Of course, being a Calvin Klein, it has flair to the cut and added style without being over the top. You have the choice of either a flat front (which is more youthful and it is more Calvin) or pleated trouser.

Both the slacks are lined to the knee for comfort. Both the slacks are pre-hemmed so that you do not need to visit the tailor. Also both slacks have 2 inches of extra fabric in the waistband like any other dress pants so that you do not have to visit the tailor.

The cloth that this company uses is a rich and elegant black super-110’s twill. The higher the number of yarn, the finer the yarn used to weave the cloth. The finer the yarn, the more yarn that is packed into each yard of cloth, the silkier it will feel and the better you will feel when you wear it.

This cloth is a real deal – fine weave, comfortable and soft, truly a delight to wear for any occasion or even going to the office.

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