Blue Tuxedo

The blue tuxedo comes in a few forms. Depending on what generation you are from the thought of a blue tux will be drastically different.

Many people from the seventies and eighties will conjure up visions of the baby blue version. This color tux went out of style long ago and should not be worn anymore. It was traditionally worn with a black bow tie and a cummerbund.

This tux was a bit gaudy and certainly fit in with all of the other styles of clothing that were popular during this time. In most cases it was made out of polyester or some other form of cheap material. People would wear it mostly to weddings and non black tie events.

What many people do not realize is that the blue tuxedo can be found in a more formal version. This comes in the form of the midnight blue tux. The midnight blue is quite formal and can be worn to a black tie affair in place of a black tuxedo.

This tuxedo is usually made out of fine wool materials and can make one look quite dashing. You'll find that it is a nice way to stand out among the sea of black tuxedos found at most formal affairs.

The best way to accessorize this tuxedo is through the use of a dark blue tie with white circles on it. A white pocket square will add an extra bit of style to the ensemble.

A black belt as well as a pair of perfectly shined black shoes should bottom out the look.

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