The Black Tuxedo

The black tuxedo is by far the most popular tuxedo people wear these days. Wedding, black tie parties, award ceremonies, and all sorts of formal events are all attended by men wearing a black tux.

This has not always been the case though. If you look at some of the popular tuxedos of the 1970's, you'll not that the baby blue tuxedo was actually one of the most popular. People did not want to wear black at weddings and opted for a brighter look. These days however, the baby blue tuxedo is mostly reserved as an outfit one might wear on Halloween.

You'll also notice that some people will wear a white tuxedo in warmer climates. As I state on my page on black tie affairs, one may wear a white tux when attending a black tie party in the tropics or the southern party of North America.

Midnight blue and chocolate brown are the only other two tuxedo colors that can be worn by people looking to be accepted socially. Any other colors are seen as informal and in most cases should be avoided.

The great thing about the black tuxedo is that you can rarely go wrong in wearing it. Anytime you are required to wear a tuxedo, you should probably think to wear your black tux first.

For those of you that are thinking of buying your first tuxedo, I would highly recommend that you start with this color and expand as necessary. You may very well find that this is the only color tuxedo you will ever need to purchase.

Black Tuxedo Materials

This tuxedo can be found in all sorts of materials. The two most popular are the wool tuxedo and the polyester and wool combination. While the wool tux is usually considered more elegant, it is also more likely to wrinkle quickly.

Depending on what you intend on wearing your tuxedo for, you may find the polyester mixture works better for you. This is especially true if you plan on traveling in your tuxedo for a lengthy amount of time before getting to your destination.

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