Black Tuxedo Shirt

The black tuxedo shirt is one of those tuxedo items that seems to get overlooked by most people. Although the white and off white tuxedo shirts are generally what we think of when somebody mentions tuxedo shirts, black is not all that unusual.

A black shirt can go well with a tuxedo when dressing up for a more casual or trendy occasion. Many black tie affairs play strict adherence to the white shirt and black bow tie. If you are attending one of these, you may want to stick with the more traditional look. However, if you are heading someplace where you have a little more leeway in what you wear, feel free to try on a black tux shirt.

This color shirt probably should not be worn with a black tie or black bow tie. You'll want to go with a white or red color. Some nice ensembles I've seen are the black pinstripe tuxedo shirt with a white bow tie and a red pocket square. You could also go with a white bow tie with a white pocket square or a red bow tie and a red pocket square.

Another option many people like to take is to wear a black tuxedo shirt with a white tuxedo jacket. Sometimes this can really make the outfit stand out in a positive way. This however, should only be done in warmer climates as white tuxedo jackets are frowned upon anywhere else.

The Casual Black Tuxedo Shirt

Many people also opt to buy this color tuxedo shirt just to wear casually with slacks or jeans. These shirt look great both tucked in and un-tucked. For a more relaxed look, unfasten a button or two up top. Pair this with a nice pair of black shoes and you will look quite dashing.

Both solid and black pinstripe tuxedo shirts work quite well. Just don't go too wide with the pinstripes. Anything above a chalk stripe is generally much too thick and should not be worn.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you can pull this color off in a formal setting, you may want to stick to a more traditional look. However, if you want to try something new, this is one of the safest colors besides white, off white, and light blue.

A good way to test this shirt out is to first wear it in a more casual way and ask people what they think of it. When working with fashion it pays to get a few opinions on how you look.

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