Black Tie Etiquette

Black Tie Etiquette is a requirement for any black tie invitational party. You should ensure that when attending this occasion, you should not dress flashy or in a manner that may signal the wrong impression. You should also ensure that you dress in a way that people will recognize you positively.

You should also have your food held by your left hand so that incase you have someone who wants to give you a handshake, you will be able to do it with your right hand. During this type of event you should always feel free to extend your hand and introduce yourself to those whom you don’t know. Always ensure that you maintain eye contact to the people you are having a conversation with or are being introduced to at this party. If you are wearing gloves, remove the gloves so that you can be in a position to greet your friends.

Controversial topics which could ruin your conversation such as religion and politics should be kept aside during this type of affair. You should have conversations that are straight to the point and easy to understand. You should also make sure that your friends are comfortable with the conversations that you introduce to them.

Ensure that you limit the amount of alcohol that you consume during a formal party in order to avoid any misconduct or poor choices in judgement. Dress should include the use of a bowtie, cuff links, studs, and either braces or a belt. Tuxedo jackets should be either black or white unless otherwise stated on the invitation.

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