Black Tie Affairs

Black tie affairs are formal social events that require the use of a tuxedo. This event can be anything from a party to an awards ceremony. Guests will recieve a black tie invitation and will be expected to know how to dress accordingly.

While attending this event you will need to be wearing a tux, dress shoes, and a bow tie. Vest or cummerbunds are optional and not always necessary. However, these events will usually have a particular color that needs to be worn. During winter months in cold climates, men will be expected to wear a black jacket. Warmer climates are a bit more relaxed, and a man can wear a white tuxedo jacket.

You'll generally find white jackets in the social gatherings of the southern United States and black tie events held in tropical climates. A good example of a man wearing a white tuxedo is Sean Connery in the Bond film "Dr. No".

You can also look to the many other James Bond movies to find a good example of a man in a black tuxedo. Daniel Craig attends black tie affairs in the movie "Quantum of Solace" and sports his black tuxedo quite well.

Less traditional parties will enable you to wear whatever color you deign to wear. The subtle way to go would be to wear a brown or midnight blue tuxedo to this event. A nice midnight blue tuxedo with a dark blue and white tie can really make a person stand out in a positive way.

The flashy way to go would be to wear a red or baby blue tuxedo. Baby blue may have been popular in the tuxedos of the seventies and eighties, but they are frowned upon in the new millenium.

What Materials To Wear To Black Tie Affairs

Materials should be chosen by location and climate of the event. For instance, if you are having a party on a yacht in the Carribean you may want to choose a lightweight breathable material for maximum comfort. A tuxedo made from cotton or seer sucker may be just what you need to beat the heat.

Colder climates may dictate a nice wool material to keep you warm and comfortable. Wool will also wrinkle less than a seer sucker or cotton tuxedo.

A wool and polyester mixture can also be worn to cut down on wrinkles, but a full polyester tuxedo should never be worn. These tuxedos look very cheap and do not go well with formal black tie parties.

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