The Bill Blass Tuxedo

The Bill Blass Tuxedo comes in multiple styles to choose from with different qualities and virtues for each. These styles include the Madison, Essex, Mcalister, Cambridge, Charleston, and Bradford models.

The Bradford model is a one button shawl lapel style model with a deep neckline. This model is great for the person trying to emphasize their body a bit more than the tuxedo.

Charleston models come in both one and two button jacket styles and have notched lapels. These jackets can be a good alternative for people searching for one button models with notched lapels.

Cambridge jackets come in peaked lapel styles with one button. This jacket has its only button centered a bit higher than your standard one button jacket and is a nice alternative for someone looking for the convenience of a one button but the coverage of a two button.

The Mcalister is a two button notched lapel model with large wide lapels. Wear this jacket to emphasize your chest and to de-emphasize your shoulders.

Madison models have classic three button notch lapel style jackets. This look is great for maintaining a high degree of formality.

The four button notched lapel style of the Essex is a little unorthodox in nature but nevertheless provides for a nice regal look.

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