The Best Tuxedo Shirt

What's the best tuxedo shirt for you?

No matter what type of tux you plan to wear, one thing is very important is that you choose the right type of tuxedo shirt to look good in your tux. Tuxedo shirts come in different styles and materials made of it. Avoid wearing ordinary shirts with your tux as this may ruin the "look".

It is important to choose a shirt that is specifically made for a tux. You’ll find that by wearing the best tuxedo shirt your individuality will be noticed. Find a shirt that is made with high quality materials and one that would perfectly fit on you.

There are many types of tuxedo shirts to choose from but I will be mentioning only three of the most noticeable and popular of them all. These are the styles that most men prefer to wear. We have the pique, pleated and pinwhale shirt styles.

Pique tuxedo shirts are popularly worn for formal occasions like weddings. Its texture and fabric shows an extremely elegant look. The pique shirt is a very popular shirt to wear.

Pinwhale style shirts are worn for formal occasions too but it is less formal compared to pique shirts. This is not used as commonly as the first mentioned but this style of shirt. However, these days it seems to be picking up steam.

The pleated shirt is the most common shirt style used by men. By its name itself, pleated, it generally shows in the fabric that it has been pleated in the front. These pleats set a different look that is fashionable and trendy.

Not only should you choose the best tuxedo shirt by its style, but you need to consider also the cuts, collars and cuffs before deciding to buy one. The fabric is also important to take into consideration as well as the color.

You need to know what kind of fabric you will be most comfortable wearing for your skin and the color that will match your suit and skin.

As long as you are comfortable with the shirt, it fits you and it looks good on you and matches your tuxedo and you are wearing it in the right occasion then you are good to go.

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