Baby Blue Tuxedo

The baby blue tuxedo is a stylish tuxedo that can be worn to the prom or any other party that one may want to go to. Many companies selling new tuxedos in this color will offer a full package of accessories including shoes, shirt, bow tie, and cummerbund or vest.

The truly vintage tux will come by itself, but will most certainly look more genuine whether paired up with new accessories or true retro accessories.

This tuxedo will often come in polyester with big peak lapels and satin collar. Also the pocket flaps are usually satin trimmed as well. The pants are blue and may or may not have a stripe down the leg.

Great vest combinations to use are an ivory paisley vest and tie set, a light gray floral vest or a silver and black paisley vest.

This tux has a great retro quality to it and will be found in most vintage stores online. Depending on your location, you may even be able to find a baby blue tux in a local consignment or thrift shop.

Finding your size is usually easy but expect to put in a little more work when searching for something in a big and tall model. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of 300 dollars for a new replica model package.

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