Andrew Fezza Tuxedo

The Andrew Fezza tuxedo does a great job combining relaxed style with a formal almost arrogant look. Type "what is a tuxedo" in your search engine and you will be taken to websites mentioning the Andrew Fezza tux.

Style comes in the form of multiple models and styles consisting of: the Blue Label collection, Fusion collection, Monaco collection, and the Platinum collection.

The Blue Label collection consists of the Apollo, Cannes, Diamond, Jupiter, Morocco, and Universe. The Apollo has a mandarin collar and a large six button jacket. Cannes models have elegant five button models with a more tradional collar and lapel. Diamond models are classic and consist of two buttons with tradional characterists. The Jupitor completely lacks lapels, has a mandarin collar, and ten buttons going down a long jacket. Two button jackets with slit pockets and slightly larger than average lapels make up the Morroco models. Universe models are creative double breasted models with large satin lapels.

The Fusion Collection consists of the Captain, Da Vinci, Duece, Eiffel, Italy, and the Luna. Captain models are three button models closely resembling the British style suit. The Da Vinci comes in a long trench coat style jacket with slit pockets and two buttons. Duece models are two button suits with classic jacket sizes and enthusiastic collars. The Eiffel is a three button model with an average jacket length and thin 1940's style lapels. Italy models are similar to the Eiffel but consist of four buttons rather than three. The Luna is a four button model with short lapels and slit jacket pockets.

The Monaco collection has one style which is a classic two button model with traditional lapels and pockets. This style has the largest diversity in colors.

Platinum collections consist of the mystique, razor, sly, and stealth. Mystique collections provide the wearer with mandarin collars, slit pockets, and button-less jackets. Razor models are also button-less and slit but have more traditional European collars. The Sly is very similar to the Razor but has slightly larger lapels. Stealth models are three button with large mantaray like lapels.

Materials consist of high quality wools with exquisite inner linings.

Colors are generally basic but the line up is so large that you can find enough colors to suit your fancy.

Prices on the Andrew Fezza tuxedo vary from model to model but rarely go below several hundred dollars for a new model.

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