3 Button Tuxedos

3 button tuxedos are different from the traditional English one button tuxedo, it is a modern American look, especially suited to taller men, slim men. It is important to remember that the number of buttons only refers to the tuxedo jacket, embedded tuxedo is composed of a waistcoat and pay as well, not to mention a bow tie. This being said, the jacket is the focus of a tuxedo and you will want to choose your jacket wisely.

When buying a three button jacket opt for a single breasted design, with slightly padded shoulders. This is important because, as three button tuxedos are suited to slimmer man, having too much padding can make the tuxedo look tacky.

Opting for a single breasted design ensures that your tuxedo does not look dated, as single breasted is a modern, universally accepted, look. Also, ensure that your tuxedo collar is peaked, giving a very clean appearance to the jackets' lines, and that the jacked does not have tails- this look is rarely fashionable and not widely accepted.

Stick to these guidelines and you will be sure to arrive at your formal event looking your best, which is after all the idea behind a tuxedo.

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