2 Button Tuxedo

The 2 button tuxedo with peaked lapels is the most traditional tuxedo, and useful for when one seeks to cut a more formal figure. However, you will find two button tuxedo models in both shawl and notched lapel styles as well.

This tuxedo is typically worn with the lower button left open, leaving the jacket to be fastened by only the top button. For this reason it’s a great choice for more full-figured, broad-shouldered or very muscular men, and it especially flatters tall men’s figures.

Some shorter men also like to wear them since the three button styles can seem a bit overwhelming on their smaller torsos. Typically the bottom button will fall around the waist which can make the torso appear longer.

This is a style that is extremely popular for weddings, but it is versatile and can be worn to many other occasions as well. It can also be worn anytime throughout the year. Because it is a formal style, it can be worn with a cummerbund and a bow tie, or a vest and a bow tie. The accessories worn with it can help to customize the outfit to best suit the occasion. You'll find that these days, most people choose to go with a vest and bow tie rather than a cummerbund and bow tie.

2 Button Tuxedo Designers

Tuxedos with two buttons are especially well-represented among both European and American designers. If your looking for Italian style two button tuxedos, you'll certainly find them. Just check out the tuxedos for sale by Armani, Versace, and Prada.

American tuxedo styles like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Joseph Aboudd all have an affinity for the two button tuxedo.

If your looking for a traditional formal tuxedo, you can't wrong with a two button model. Just make sure you try on both the two button and 3 button tuxedos in your chosen style and size to see which one looks best on you. You may find that the addition or reduction of just one button completely changes the way you look.

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