The Tuxedo - Defining Elegance For Centuries

The tuxedo....proms, weddings, dinner parties, formal affairs, and an entire slew of other occasions. How does anybody know which type of tux to wear to these very different events?

This site was designed to explain to you the differences in style, fabric, color and a few other important areas.

After reading through this site you will know the answers to...

  • What style to wear?
  • What fabric to choose?
  • What color to wear?
  • What brand to wear?
  • What size to wear?
  • What should be worn?
  • What must be worn?
  • I wrote this website to try and make things easier on both the novice and experienced buyer.

You will read about...
  • Rental
  • Accessories
  • Designers
  • Options for Women
  • Options for Kids
  • Pet Options
  • And much, much, more....

Table of Contents:

How To Buy
This page will give you the details on how to buy a tux.

In here you'll learn about the various styles.

Learn all about the different types of fabric used in a tux.

Learn about the large array of colors used in a tux.

Find out where to buy a tux at an extraordinary price.

Learn all about the many different designers on the market.

Formal Wear
Discover what all the hype is about black tie affairs.

Read about the woman's tux.

Learn about formal wear for toddlers, infants, babies, and even college kids.

Find out what the best color shirts are for your tux.

Learn about cuff links, vests, cummerbunds, and much more.

Read about what you can do for your cat and dog.

Learn all about renting a tux.


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